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Retail Vision

Retail store analytics using computer vision.
Estimate store footfall, observe customer behaviour, and automate store surveillance.

How does Retail Vision work?

Install our cameras at your store or use existing camera to analyse the in store video feed.

Add sales reps to the Retail Vision dashboard. The dashboard can be accessed through web and mobile app.

Our system analyzes video feed and automatically assigns sales reps duties for events such as 'Confused Customer', 'Empty Shelf', 'Theft' etc.

Managing your store doesn’t have to be hard.

Our cameras can identify events and then auto assign the tasks to the sales reps.

We use world’s most advanced tracking system

State of the art computer vision to analyze customer behaviour.

Analyze customer emotions

Are are customers happy with your service? Track in real time how customers are feeling in your store.

Estimate store footfall

Measure the number of people that enter your store. Apart from counting people, we categorise them into gender and age.

Automatically identify empty shelfs

Don’t loose sales because your shelfs are empty. Our cameras can identify and notify about the empty shelfs.

Identify repeat customers

Identifying repeat customer is absolutely critical. Our cameras can notify if they find repeat customers.

AI-powered store security

We use artificial intelligence in our cameras to track unusual customer and raise security warnings.

Automate sales reps duties

Our system uses camera data to generate events and autaomatically assigns sales reps to them.

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